We have an unrivalled range of flexible customized credit programs for our customers, ranging from:


  • Electronic consumer durables
  • Furniture & Home Furnishing products
  • Split room and central air conditioning systems
  • Travel and holiday packages
  • Vehicle Service and Repair
  • Vehicle Finance


Electronics Consumer Durables

X-cite / Alghanim Electronics stores showcases the very latest brands in audiovisual systems, information technology equipment, air-conditioning systems and home appliances in 15 spacious stores throughout Kuwait. It is a buying experience that excites customers to return time and time again.


Each store has a dedicated team of Easy Credit specialists to speedily complete the purchase for you.  Our customers tell us that Easy Credit is one of the most important reasons why they buy their household and personal electronic equipment from X-cite / Alghanim Electronics stores. Enjoy the experience yourself. We have a mega store close to you.


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Furniture & Home Furnishing

We offer a tremendous selection of furniture & home accessories and textiles now at Safat Alghanim and Avenues. You can furnish your house with Easy Credit.


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Central Air - Conditioning for Home Owners

Need a new central air-condition system or replacement units? Alghanim Engineering can satisfy every A/C need. One of the major items for new homeowners is a reliable A/C system which is exactly what Alghanim Engineering offers and to take the heat out of your investment there’s a fast and flexible Easy Credit scheme for you. We can even help with a regular Easy Credit maintenance program. Our A/C engineers offer professional advise and practical solutions to keep you and your family cool through the hottest of Kuwait summer months. The only hot item is our flexible Easy Credit package. It's very easy. With minimum hassel and optimum documentation, we offer up to 60 months credit period, payment holidays and low instalments. All this leaves you with the peace of mind to work with Alghanim’s Air-conditioning Engineers to design the best solution for your home.


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Vehicle Service and Repair

Your car needs a major service? It can be replacement of engine or complete overhaul? Even the best maintained vehicle could let you down when least expected. Don’t worry! When you ask Alghanim Garage, they not only professionally repair and service your vehicle but also offer you an engineered payment solution with Easy Credit that really does take the financial strain out of the problem.    


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